We used Pro Moves on consecutive days to combine two separate apartments into one new place, and it was awesome.

The morning of the first move, an extra-large truck shows up with two guys that clearly knew what they were doing. They were very professional right off the bat, and had no issues with what could have been a difficult situation near the OB Pier.

George was the lead guy for both moves. You could tell right away he’s good at his job. He’s like Luke Cage if he was played by Charlie Murphy. Not much of a talker, but that only added to the aura. This dude carried a 3-person couch over his head about 300 feet by himself, then the next day did the same with my girl’s couch down a steep flight of stairs. I didn’t get a chance to see if he was also bulletproof, but I don’t see any reason to believe otherwise.

Good price for the service, and they were super easy to work with for a quote beforehand. I’m definitely looking forward to George making me feel inadequate the next time we move.

Jason A.