We offer extremely competitive moving rates! Whether you need a full service move or “just the big stuff”, we have you covered. Here’s a quick breakdown of our basic rates…

Moving Rates

  • 2 Movers and a Truck is $75 per hour.
  • If needed, each additional mover is only $25 per hour.
  • FREE of charge we provide 6 wardrobe boxes, tape, furniture pads, shrink wrap and any other equipment to complete your move.
  • Your move will include California State Law mandated “Double Drive Time”. What does that mean? For example, if the driving time from your pick-up location to your drop-off location is 15 minutes, it is billed as 30 minutes. Although the name may imply that you are being charged twice for the same thing, it’s actually mandated to protect you as a consumer from any surprise driving fees. It’s designed to compensate your mover for their travel time to and from your location, while making sure you will not be charged any unexpected travel fees.

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