Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience, our moving crews are among the most skilled and knowledgeable in San Diego. Our skills and knowledge allow us to confidently promise safe and secure transportation along every step of every move. From the moment the contract is signed until we’ve removed the last floor protector, our priority is you.

With every move, our unwavering commitment is proven through our step-by-step process:

● Step One: Personal consultation and needs assessment — Free to you with no risk or obligation, the assessment allows us to understand your service needs so we can give you an estimate based on previous moving situations similar to yours. Our hope is that you’ll understand exactly what your total charge is and where we can help you save money.

● Step Two: Pre-move precautions — Before we bring in a single dolly or lift even a small box, we lay down protective layers of padding along high-traffic walkways. We’ll also take extra measures to protect your valuable items by wrapping furniture and encasing artwork appropriately.

● Step Three: Loading — Though we don’t pack boxes (saving you money and frustration) our movers move them out of your current location with the utmost care. Our techniques utilize every inch of our trucks, keeping your belongings safe during transport.

● Step Four: Transport — Equipped with GPS, every truck in our fleet is maintained and serviced to guarantee that any foreseeable problem is expertly avoided. Our intent is to quickly and safely deliver your belongings without issue. Furthermore, our drivers are required to continuously submit to drug testing and driving skills assessments to ensure their ability to safely navigate their way.

● Step Five: More prep — Again, we won’t attempt to move a single item until we provide protection for the interior of your new home or business. We’ll again place layers of protection along your high-traffic areas to protect the areas we frequently transport.

● Step Six: Unloading — Using the same care, your Pro Moves crew will quickly but gently place your belongings in the rooms of your choice.

At the end, we’ll simply have you inspect your items and we’ll get out of your way, leaving you to enjoy your new space. As professional movers, it is our goal to make every move as simple, straightforward and as hassle-free as possible.

Discover the benefits that extensive experience and exemplary care deliver by contacting us today. We promise superior service with a smile.